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  • [Aiken, C. S., Editor]. - Sunset: The magazine of the Pacific and of all the far West.   Published: 1909.
    Need complete original issue from May, 1909.

  • [Annapolis High School]. - The Wake.   Published: 1966.
    Annapolis High School Yearbook for 1966

  • [Annapolis High School]. - The Wake.   Published: 1969.
    Annapolis High School Yearbook for 1969

  • [Annapolis, Maryland].
    Please quote any interesting or uncomon books and pamphlets.

  • Bacon, Thomas. - Laws of Maryland at Large, with Proper Indexes [1637-1763]….   Published: 1765.
    Printed at Annapolis by Jonas Green, printer to the province.

  • Baldridge, Harry Alexander. - Washington's Visits to Colonial Annapolis.   Published: 1928.
    Published by the U.S. Naval Institute.

  • Barker, Chris A. - Tomorrow May Never Come.   Published: 1982.
    A Marine's love affair with a battleship--the USS Colorado.

  • Barrie, Robert and George Barrie, Jr.. - Cruises, Mainly in the Bay of the Chesapeake.   Published: 1909.
    Please quote any copy.

  • Beers, F. W. - County Atlas of Schuylkill, Pennsylvania.   Published: 1875.
    Quote any copy including modern reprints.

  • Behrens, Kathryn L. - Paper Money in Maryland, 1727-1789.   Published: 1923.
    Please quote any copy including later reprints.

  • [Benjamin, Park]. - Shakings: Etchings from the Naval Academy.   Published: 1867.
    Published by Lee & Shepard, Boston.

  • Blum, Isador. - The Jews of Baltimore.   Published: 1910.

  • Bosanko, Ed. - Buckets to Pumpers: Firefighting in the City of Annapolis, Maryland, 1755-1992.   Published: 1993.
    Illustrated by Ann Crain.

  • Boucher, Jonathan. - A View of the Causes and Consequences of the American Revolution; In Thirteen Discourses, Preached in North America between the Years 1763 and 1775.   Published: 1797.
    Printed in London.

  • Bowie, Effie Gwynn. - Across the Years in Prince Georges County.   Published: 1947.
    A genealogical and biographical history of some Prince George's County, Maryland and allied families.

  • Bowie, Walter Worthington. - The Bowies and Their Kindred: A Genealogical and Biographical History.   Published: 1899.
    Need the original 1899 edition published by the Press of the Cromwell Brothers.

  • Brewer, Mary. - Rugged Trail to Appalachia: A History of Leslie County, Kentucky and its People, Celebrating its Centennial Year, 1878-1978.   Published: (1978).
    Please quote any copy.

  • Brown, Ford Keeler. - The Annapolitan Library at St. John's College.   Published: [1931?].
    Published by the college.

  • Bryan, Wilhelmus Robert. - A History of the National Capital from Its Foundation through the Period of the Adoption of the Organic Act.   Published: 1914-1916.
    Two volumes.

  • Burgess, Robert H.. - Louis J. Feuchter, Chesapeake Bay Artist.   Published: 1976.
    Published by the Mariner's Museum. Newport News, Virginia.

  • Burke, Oliver J. - The History of the Catholic Archbishops of Tuam.   Published: 1882.
    Published by: Hodges, 1882.

  • Busch, Jim and Diane. - Jimmy Connors, a Biography: Eye of the Tiger.   Published: 1998.

  • Butler, Smedley D. - War is a Racket.   Published: 1935.
    Slim volume (51 pages). Need the original published in New York by Round Table Press, Inc.

  • Central Freight Association. - Tank Gauge Hand Book.   Published: ca. 1900.
    Listing of U.S. railroad tankers and their capacities.

  • Channon, Bob. - The Cold Steel Third : 3rd Airborne Ranger Company, Korean War (1950-1951).   Published: 1993.
    Assembled from records and letters of company members, edited and compiled by Channon, 800+ pages.

  • Colton, G. W. & C. B. - Colton's New Sectional Map of the State of Nebraska.   Published: 1867-69.
    Large, colored map folded into 12mo cloth covers.

  • Cotter, Charles H. - A History of Nautical Astronomy.   Published: (1968).
    Please quote any edition.

  • Crothall, Allan C. - Wealth from the Sea.   Published: 1993.
    Book on sea salvage, with info on recovery operation over the Lusitania in 1955.

  • Crowl, Philip Axtell. - Maryland During and after the Revolution; a Political and Economic Study.   Published: 1943.

  • D'Alton, Monsignor E.A. - The History of the Archdiocese of Tuam.   Published: 1928.
    Published by: Phoenix, 1928.

  • Dept of the Navy. - Description of Modern Gun Mounts in the United States Navy.   Published: 1894.
    Printed by the Government Printing Office.

  • Dixon, Norman F. - Preconscious Processing.   Published: 1981.

  • Doyel, Ginger. - Gone to Market: the Annapolis market house, 1698-2005.   Published: 2005.
    Published by the City of Annapolis.

  • Dryden, Ruth T.. - The Pusey family of Maryland.   Published: 1993.
    Pulbished in San Diego

  • Evans, Ben. - Memories of Steamboats, Campmeetings, Skipjacks, and Islands of the Chesapeake….   Published: 1977.
    Subtitle: "...a first person account of some pleasant experiences in an era fast disappearing."

  • Finney, Charles G. - Sermons on Important Subjects.   Published: 1836.
    Published 1836 by John S. Taylor, New York.

  • Finney, Charles G. - Memorial Volume of Revival Sermons.   Published: 1860.
    Believe published by Bremner.

  • Finney, Charles G. - Prevailing Prayer-Meeting: a Sermon [on Acts. i. 1-14], etc.   Published: 1859.
    Booklet, published in London by Ward

  • Fleckenstein, Henry A. - American Factory Decoys.   Published: 1981.

  • Gould, Rupert T. - The Marine Chronometer: Its History and Development.   Published: [1923 and later].
    Originally published in 1923. Please quote this or any later edition.

  • Gradidge, J. M. G.; J. M. Davis; and J. A. Whittle. - The Douglas DC-3 and Its Predecessors.   Published: 1984.
    Published by Air-Britain. Need the original 600+ page work, not the subsequent update supplements.

  • Hamilton, Charles. - American Autographs: Signers of the Declaration of Independence….   Published: 1983.
    Two volumes. Quote any copy of this set.

  • Hance, Jesse S. - Two Days with Hitler in Yellowstone Park.   Published: 1972.

  • [Hanson, Alexande Contee]. - Considerations on the Proposed Removal of the Seat of Government, Addressed to the Citizens of Maryland.   Published: 1786.
    Author is listed as "Aristides." Printed by Frederick Green.

  • Headley, Robert K. - Exit: A History of Movies in Baltimore.   Published: 1974.
    Self published, University Park, Maryland. Please quote any copy.

  • Henry, Mrs. R[obert]. G[oldsborough]. - Old Gardens of Talbot County, Maryland.   Published: 1947.
    Nineteen page booklet with illustrations and plans.

  • Hersey, John. - A Reporter at Large: Survival.   Published: 1944.
    Thin 10 page pamphlet on PT boats reprinted from a New Yorker magazine article for Elco Naval Division (of Electric Boat Company of Bayonne, NJ).

  • Herter, George. - Professional Guide's Manual.
    Need volume 2 of the 7th Edition from 1965.

  • Hobbs, Peter. - Ice Physics.   Published: 1974.
    Published by Clarendon Press, Oxford.

  • Hornung, Chuck. - The Thin Gray Line: The New Mexico Mounted Police.   Published: 1971.
    About the New Mexico Rangers. Published by Western Heritage Press, Ft. Worth, 202 pages.

  • Huffine, Robert G., et al. - History, 939th Field Artillery Battalion, 1941-1945.   Published: [1979].

  • [Jacob, Edward J.]. - Washington's Farewell Address, 1796; Lincoln's Lyceum Address "The Perpetuation of our Political Institutions," 1838.   Published: 1937.
    Published by Edward J. Jacob at Peoria, Illinois, 1937.

  • Johnson, Robert J. - Gravesend: Serene But Still Profound.   Published: 1975.
    History of the Eastern Neck Peninsula and Rock Hall, Maryland.

  • Kelly, J. Reaney. - Quakers in the Founding of Anne Arundel County, Maryland.   Published: 1963.
    Published by the Maryland Historical Society.

  • Kelly, Jacques. - Anne Arundel County, A Pictorial History.   Published: 1989.

  • Keyser, Ephraim. - Catalogue of the 1937 exhibition at the Maryland Institute of Art.
    Keyser was a Baltimore sculptor who died the year of this exhibition.

  • Knox, James William. - The Ol' Double Trouble.   Published: [1949].
    World War II tank landing ship LST-491. She participated in the Normandy landings.

  • Land, Aubrey C. - The Dulanys of Maryland.   Published: 1955.
    Subtitle: "A biographical study of Daniel Dulany, the Elder (1685-1783) and Daniel Dulany, the Younger (1722-1797)."

  • Leonard, Frances Wagner. - 'Old' Jacob Wagner of Davidson (Old Rowan) County and some of his descendants.   Published: 1984.
    Apparently published in Lexington, North Carolina in a limited edition. 429 pages.

  • Levi, Renato "Sonny". - Dhows to Deltas.   Published: 1971.
    By Nautical Publishing, 255 pages, illustrated with plans, etc. ISBN: 0245599568.

  • Lowell, Royal. - Boatbuilding Down East: How to Build the Maine Lobsterboat.   Published: 1977.
    Only interested in the original International Marine edition, not the 1994 reprint published by Simonton Cove.

  • Lull, Edward Phelps. - Description and History of the U.S. Naval Academy: From Its Origin to the Present Time.   Published: 1869.
    No publisher or place indicated.

  • Mackie, Richard. - Take this Job and Sell It!: the recruiter's handbook.   Published: 1994.
    By the Q E D Press, Fort Bragg, California. Approximately 160 pages.

  • Mackworth, Margaret Haig (Viscountess Rondda). - This Was My World.   Published: 1933.
    Autobiography. Mackworth was on the Lusitania when it was torpedoed.

  • Mariner, Essie L. - Christmas Story.   Published: [ca. 1950s?].
    Probably published either in Baltimore or on the Eastern Shore.

  • Marshall, Edward Chauncey. - History of the United States Naval Academy. . ..   Published: 1862.
    Published by D. Van Nostrand.

  • [Marylandiana].
    Please quote interesting and uncommon books on Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay.

  • McGrew, Martha. - Paratroopers, Too, Rely on Reliance Quality.   Published: [early 1940's].
    Pictorial. Also titled "Parachute troops U.S.A.," or "Meet the Paratroopers." About the Reliance Mfg. Company in Chicago.

  • Merriken, John E. - Old Dominion Trolley Too: A History of the Mount Vernon Line.   Published: 1987.
    Published by Leroy O. King; Dallas, Texas.

  • Moore, Philip C.. - Yachts in a Hurry: an illustrated history of the great commuter yachts.   Published: 1996.
    By W. W. Norton, 224 pages, ISBN: 039303576X.

  • [Naval Academy]. - Fag Ends from the Naval Academy: A Collection of Naval Poems, Songs, and Autographs, Chronologically Arranged.   Published: 1877.
    Printed by the Homer & Lee Bank Note Company, New York.

  • Navy Office of Information. - Biography of Commander Ernest E. Evans.   Published: 1961.
    Thirty page book issued by the Biographies Branch, August 29, 1961.

  • Niles, Alfred Salem. - Maryland Constitutional Law.   Published: [1915].
    Published by Hepbron & Haydon, Baltimore, 1915.

  • O'Dell, Cecil. - Pioneers of old Frederick County, Virgina.   Published: 1995.
    Published with 3 maps on 2 folded sheets laid in, and these must be present.

  • Ogorkiewicz, Richard M. - Technology of Tanks (2 vols).   Published: 1991.

  • Payne, Peter R. - Design of High-Speed Boats.   Published: 1988.
    Published by Fishergate Publishing, Annapolis.

  • Pendel, Thomas Franses. - Thirty-Six Years in the White House.   Published: 1902.
    Neale Publishing Co., Washington, DC. Pendel was White House doorman during the administrations of Lincoln to Theodore Roosevelt.

  • [Prussian Army] Translated by Sir William Fawcett. - Regulations for the Prussian Infantry.   Published: 1754, 1968.
    18th century German military treatise, reprinted in 1968 by the Greenwood Press. Quote any copy.

  • Riley, Elihu. - Pictorial Annapolis, Anne Arundel and the Naval Academy.   Published: 1906.
    Published by King Brothers, Printers, Baltimore.

  • Schlerf, Gary W. - History of the Canton Railroad Company, Artery of Baltimore's Industrial Heartland.   Published: 1996.
    Published by the company.

  • Scott, Harry Fletcher; Annabel Horn; and John Flagg Gummere. - Latin Book Three.   Published: 1939.
    Part of the "Language, Literature and Life" series published by Scott, Foresman. Need this title and not the subsequent "Using Latin, Book Three."

  • Shore, Fred B. - Parthian Coins and History.   Published: 1993.

  • [Spangler, A. M.]. - A Paradise for Gunners and Anglers.   Published: 1883.
    Hunting and fishing on the Delaware/Maryland peninsula in the Chesapeake Bay. Large folding map.

  • Speck, Frank Gouldsmith. - The Nanticoke Community of Delaware.   Published: 1915.
    Reprinted in 1981 by AMS Press. Please quote any copy.

  • Sprouse, Deborah A. - A Guide to Excavated Colonial and Revolutionary War Artifacts.   Published: 1988.
    Published by Heritage Trails, Turbotville, PA.

  • Steiner, Edward J. and Henry W. Howard, Jr., Editors. - King's Cliffe: the 20th Fighter Group and the 446th Air Service Group in the European Theatre of Operations.   Published: 1947.
    More interested in the original 1947 edition rather than the 1983 reprint, but will consider all quotes.

  • Stuart, Charles B. - Naval and Mail Steamers of the United States.   Published: 1853.
    Quote any copy, including modern reprints.

  • [Unit History, World War II]. - 389th Bombardment Group: a pictorial review of operations in the ETO.   Published: 1946.
    Also known as "the blue book," published in 1946 by Newsfoto of San Angelo, TX.

  • [USS John F. Kennedy]. - USS JOHN F. KENNEDY (CV-67) 1967-1997: 30 Years of Proud Service.   Published: [1997?].
    Cruise book for 1997. Title on exterior front cover reads "United States Ship JOHN F. KENNEDY (CV-67) Mediterranean/Arabian Gulf Cruise April-October 1997." By Taylor Publishing, Houston.

  • Utley, George B. - The Life and Times of Thomas John Claggett, First Bishop of Maryland and the First Bishop Consecrated in America.   Published: 1913.
    Published by R. R. Donnelley.

  • Vallette, Elie. - The Deputy Commissary's Guide Within the Province of Maryland.   Published: 1774.
    Quote any copy.

  • [Vietnam War]. - Sky Soldier, 1968.   Published: 1968.
    The yearbook of the 173d Airborne Brigade in Vietnam for 1968.

  • Walworth, Mansfield T.. - Lulu, A Tale of the National Hotel Poisoning.   Published: 1863.
    Author believed he and other guests were victims of a plot to poison President-elect Buchanan.

  • Warnick, Walter L.. - Warnick Families of Western Maryland.   Published: 1995.
    Originally distributed by the author.

  • Washington, John E. - They Knew Lincoln.   Published: 1942.
    Published by E. P. Dutton & Co., New York. Recollections of Blacks who personally knew the Lincolns in Washington and Illinois.

  • Welcome, Verda F. (as told to James M. Abraham). - My Life and Times.   Published: 1991.
    Verda Welcome was the first African American woman elected to the Maryland General Assembly.

  • Weslager, C. A. - Delaware's forgotten folk: the story of the Moors and Nanticokes.   Published: 1943.
    Reprinted in 1972 by University of Pennsylvania Press. Please quote any copy.

  • Whitney, Ralph E. - Sea Queens in Exile.   Published: 1941.

  • Williams, Harold A. - A History of Eudowood Sanatorium 1894-1964.   Published: 1964.

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